• It’s versatile and durable.

  • It’s flexible and highly engaging.

  • The characters are recognizable and adored.

  • It’s created from scratch on sound instructional premises.

  • The 80/20 Rule applies—designed so that 80% can be easily adapted to multiple languages and international settings with 20% new adjustments.

  • 6-level English Language Acquisition Program.

  • Brand-new, written from scratch.

  • Popular and effective videos provide engagement springboards into rich content.

  • Familiar characters combine with sound instruction to create a powerful and adaptable program, ideal for licensing.

  • Each level has one consumable Course Book and one Activity Book per student, and one Teacher’s Book.


WHY is English with Muzzy so powerful and intriguing?

WHAT is English with Muzzy?

  • Designed to have a "pick up and go" approach.

  • Even teachers with limited experience can teach these lessons with minimal preparation.

  • Course book lessons follow the video plot lines for continuity and connection.

  • Each level will be based on a Part, as detailed in the existing video materials.

  • Each lesson begins with a short video excerpt and then reinforces the video’s key points.

  • Program highlights a classic CEFR scope and sequence (Can do statements into exponents at each level.)

  • To facilitate adaptation into multiple settings and languages, the program focuses on one point in each lesson with the instruction “Look” as opposed to overt, grammar rules.

  • Includes appropriate natural pattern formation and observation expectations by target- age learners

  • Program avoids meta-language (noun, verb, present simple or subject, object).

Six Levels of Student Course Book

  • Accessible Teacher’s Guide follows a clear and cohesive Presentation, Practise, Production approach.

  • Each lesson begins with a clear explanation of the methodology to best conduct each activity.

  • Each lesson provides extra activities, particularly two or three minutes of video material in each lesson.

  • While the majority of the teachers will share the language of the children, these guides do not need to be translated to be understood by the children.

  • Guides include additional explanation of key points for the teacher, adding value as embedded professional development.

  • EXAMPLE: Teachers are prompted to remember that a/an is a phonological rule, not a spelling rule.

  • This component may be a global book filled with natural extension activities from the course book, or it could become an extension product.

  • EXAMPLE: Workbook could extend the range of adjectives after Book 1 Lesson 3, the fruits after Lesson 4, and the drinks after Lesson 5.

  • A syllabus-specific book helps ensure the Scope & Sequence of a particular ministry/ school is followed: e.g. teaching the question forms and negatives for verb “to be” in Lesson 1 and other verbs after Lesson 4.


One Teacher’s Guide Per Level​

One Workbook/Activity Book Per Level