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WHY is English with Muzzy so powerful and intriguing?

  • 6-level English Language Acquisition Program.

  • Brand-new, written from scratch.

  • Popular and effective videos provide engagement springboards into rich content.

  • Familiar characters combine with sound instruction to create a powerful and adaptable program, ideal for licensing.

  • Each level has one consumable Course Book and one Activity Book per student, and one Teacher’s Book.

WHAT is English with Muzzy?

  • It’s versatile and durable.

  • It’s flexible and highly engaging.

  • The characters are recognizable and adored.

  • It’s created from scratch on sound instructional premises.

  • The 80/20 Rule applies—designed so that 80% can be easily adapted to multiple languages and international settings with 20% new adjustments.


Big Book 1 sample


Downloadable items

Pupils Book and Activity Book

This is unit 1a. You will say, where is Muzzy? He actually comes in the next portion. We thought it would be a better focus and allow the students to understand Muzzy more. We have also added new pages that have "real life" images. These also have "audio" in the media file. Please note that we have also designed in mind for schools that have limited or no access to media. For these types of markets there is the big book, or the cartoon strip will be included in the book instead of screen shots. The spreads will also be Whiteboard enabled with embedded media (video and audio). These books will be an estimated 180 pages each.


Big Books

These have been designed for teachers who wish to have a visual aid in the classroom. They can be printed in all format sizes. Big Book 1: This is the "reinforcement/interaction book" with many of the activities and new ones added to spark conversation. Big Book 2: This is a repetition of the video script with visual aids. Again to reinforce

Muzzy Episode Poster

This is designed for the classroom to motivate and reward when a unit is finished. In addition, we can supply posters of characters etc. 

Scope and Sequence

This is our suggested scope and sequence. I look forward to further conversations on this project.