Meet the Characters

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Muzzy is a big, green monster who arrives in Gondoland on his spaceship from outer space. He is very clever and he likes to eat clocks, parking meters and computers.

The King lives in the palace of Gondoland with the Queen and Princess Sylvia, their daughter. He has a big garden and he is very strong.

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The Queen lives in the palace of Gondoland with her husband, the King and Princess Sylvia. She likes to eat cake.

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She is the Princess of Gondoland and she is very beautiful. She is in love with Bob and she doesn’t like Corvax.

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Bob is the gardener at the palace of Gondoland. He works for the King and he is brave. He is in love with Princess Sylvia. He has a motorbike.

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Corvax works in the palace of Gondoland, he works for the King. He wears funny hats and he has a computer. He thinks he is very clever, but he isn't clever at all.

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